Yawp (jɔːp)

vb (intr).

to utter a loud, harsh cry.

to talk noisily and complainingly.

Yawp is the ultimate cure for fomo.
You will never miss anything again.

World's first AI-driven location-based messaging app.

The ultimate goal of Yawp is to get you the information that is most relevant to you, at the right place, at the right time. The more you use Yawp, the more it understands what you care about and - therefore - adjusts to you.

Be aware.

Keep up to date with everything that is currently happening just round the corner.

Never miss anything again.

We aim to keep you constantly updated about everything that you might find interesting and that is happening - or will happen - in your immediate neighborhood. All in real time, right when you need it.

Stop waiting.
Start sharing.

Let others know what's happening, right here, right now.

You too have an impact.

Using Yawp means not only browsing - there are no limits when it comes to adding your own content too. We encourage you to post as much information as you wish. Every time you send a Yawp, relevant people will be notified about it.

Yawp is the best, fastest, and easiest way of commenting on the real world that immediately surrounds you.

Everyone's a journalist.

You send a Yawp, we take care of the rest.

Social news, reinvented.

Sharing information with others has never been faster. Or easier. No matter what is currently happening right in front of your eyes - you can use Yawp to let others know about it.
Take a photo, record a movie and/or write anything - that's all it takes to reach out to others.

How it works?

Artificial intelligence and your input blend together.

When something unusual happens

  • take photo

    or a short video. Or - if it's too late for using a camera - describe it in a few words

  • confirm location

    Yawp will suggest your current coordinates to you and - based on that - also the relevant hashtags

  • send Yawp

    while doing so - decide if it's anonymous or not, and limit the group of potential receivers. We will take care of the rest and notify the relevant people around you

  • get notified

    as soon as someone sends a Yawp, we will analyze it and check whether this information is important to you. If it is, you will know about it first

  • see details

    check instantly what is happening where, and see how other people are reacting in real time

  • react

    vote or comment, share your opinion with others, anonymously or not