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Provided here are some assets and images that can be used for presenting our product in any articles or other mentions that would benefit from reference images and material. Please do not alter this content or represent it dishonestly. Thanks.

Yawp in a nutshell

The concept is fairly simple - you can attach a message (text, photo or short video) to any place in the world. You just open map and leave your mark (or as we call it - Yawp) wherever you currently are. You may do it anonymously or using your Facebook account.

After you post a Yawp, our backend software analyzes its content, it also takes under consideration other factors related to you, and deliver it to other Yawp users, but only to those that are relevant. We analyze not only their position, but also their previous behavior in the app. Our backend system learns about users and - based on that - decides which content goes to which user.

Everyone can react (vote or comment) to your content, also - they can browse the map while looking for other Yawps. We allow people browse for Yawps not only from a point on the map, but also from a point in time. This means users can decide from what times and places they get to see Yawps. It helps with seeing what happened or what will happen at any given place at any given time.

Besides the user-generated content we also deliver information about concerts and events in the neighborhood. Currently in our database we have already more than 3000 concerts (each of them has a photo, description, location, price, webpage address) and more than 5000 other events.

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graphic resources

Yawp logo is available in 3 colors: blue, black, and white. You can download each logo in its full resolution (792x792) below.

Yawp logo is also available in SVG, accordingly in blue, black and white.

Yawp promo photos are available below. Click on any image to download it in its full resolution.

about the team

Everything started five years ago when Michal and I met for the first time and went to the US for a one-year internship. There, in the land of entrepreneurship and startups, the entrepreneurial spirit, was quietly planted in our minds. But it hadn't been until this June'16 when we joined our forces on a professional level and decided to start working on Yawp.

We quickly realised that we can not only be friends, but also create great things together. Michal is a true leader, always setting new goals and objectives, working hard and keeping us on the right track. I am the guy who takes care of the quality of the code we write.

- Kamil


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Don't hesitate to reach us directly at hello@yawp.me, or - if you need urgent response - leave us a Yawp somewhere next to our office, which is located at:

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